Types of Bricks You should know about

There are many  Classification of Bricks base on the method of manufacturing. Brick manufacture in different types of methods with a different kind of machines and handmade. And there are two major types of bricks from the old traditional construction field. They are Burnt bricks and Unburnt bricks.

Classification of Bricks

  • Burnt Bricks and
  • Unburnt Bricks

Burnt Bricks

The Burnt Bricks uses in all types of construction works. Burnt Bricks burnt in clamps or in kilns. It classifies into four major categories. They are,
  1. First Class Bricks
  2. Second Class Bricks
  3. Third Class Bricks and
  4. Fourth Class Bricks.

1. First Class Bricks

Classification of Bricks
First Class Bricks molds with standard shape and size. They have sharp edges and regular shapes with a smooth surface. It is in copper color and free from cracks, voids and other foreign matters in it. It gives a clear ringing sound struck with another brick. And there is no need of plastering first class bricks. It uses in high-quality permanent structures and for decorative purposes. First Class Bricks posses all good qualities of Bricks.
Classification of Bricks

2. Second Class Bricks

Classification of Bricks

Second Class Bricks mold in the ground and burn in kilns. It posses a rough surface and slightly irregular shape. It employs mainly in the construction of walls of framed structures. Second Class Bricks use in the construction of a wall of different thickness in residential buildings. It is necessary plaster the walls of Second Class Bricks.

3. Third Class Bricks

Third Class Bricks use in low-cost construction buildings.  It is ground mold burnt in kilns. It is irregular in shape with a rough surface. The edges are not perfect. It sounds dull struck with another brick.
Classification of Bricks

4. Fourth Class Bricks

Fourth Class Bricks are over burnt bricks. It is in dark color with irregular shapes. Fourth Class Bricks uses for weatherproofing course in the terrace of buildings.


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